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Caribou Biosciences Gains Access to ProMab Humanized scFv Targeting BCMA
25 February 2020 - - US-based CRISPR genome editing company Caribou Biosciences, Inc and US-based biotechnology CRO/CDMO ProMab Biotechnologies, Inc have inked a sale and assignment agreement under which Caribou gains access to a ProMab humanised single-chain variable fragment targeting the B Cell Maturation Antigen for use in allogeneic engineered cell therapies, the companies said.

Caribou intends to utilize this scFv in the development of its CB-011 programme, an allogeneic CAR-T therapy targeting BCMA-positive tumors including multiple myeloma.

Under the terms of the agreement, ProMab received an upfront payment and is eligible for royalties on net sales of licensed products containing the BCMA scFv.

Caribou is a company in CRISPR genome editing founded by pioneers of CRISPR-Cas9 biology. The company is developing an internal pipeline of off-the-shelf CAR-T cell therapies, other gene-edited cell therapies, and engineered gut microbes.

Additionally, Caribou offers licenses to its CRISPR-Cas9 foundational IP in multiple fields including research tools, internal research use, diagnostics, and industrial biotechnology.

ProMab Biotechnologies focuses on developing and commercialising mouse, rabbit, and human monoclonal antibodies as well as chimeric antigen receptor-T Cell (CAR-T) products.

ProMab's CAR-T platform covers both hematological and solid cancers with intensive in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical validation designed for safer and better treatment.

As a CRO in the immunology field for 19 years, ProMab offers standard laboratory procedures and animal studies for antibody discovery through the integration of the newest techniques in antibody library construction, next generation sequencing, unique humanization modeling, high-throughput screening, and artificial intelligence analysis systems.

ProMab aims to out-license antibodies validated in CAR-T therapy in the preclinical stage or to bring CAR-T technologies to the early stage market of clinical study.

ProMab has partnered with top biotechnology startups, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical companies to advance the development of cell therapies as well as bispecific antibodies targeting multiple cancers.


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