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Xbrane Biopharma announces filing of three patent applications in Sweden
27 February 2020 -

Xbrane Biopharma AB (STO:XBRANE), a commercial phase Swedish biopharmaceutical company that develops and produces biosimilars, announced on Wednesday the filing of three patent applications that further strengthen its proprietary low-cost biosimilar platform technology.

These three patent applications have been filed with the Swedish patent and Registration Office (PRV). They relate to novel methods of using signal peptides to enhance the production yield and thereby lower the production cost of recombinant proteins.

The patents cover new inventions that further strengthen Xbrane's platform, the company said.

According to Xbrane, it bases the development of its biosimilars on a patented platform technology providing higher yields and thereby lower production cost of high-quality recombinant proteins compared to standard systems. Xbrane works actively with its team of scientists to innovate around the platform and thereby further strengthen its competitive advantage as a biosimilar developer.

The company's ambition is to follow-up the patent applications with international patent applications with focus on commercially important jurisdictions such as US, Europe, Japan and China.

These recently filed patent applications are jointly owned, at equal shares, by Xbrane and CloneOpt, a Stockholm University spin-out. The applications are among several planned patent applications which the newly established IP department of Xbrane will file either alone or jointly with other companies to build a broader IP portfolio around its platform technology.



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