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Median Technologies reports higher revenues of EUR20.5m in 2021
18 January 2022 -

Healthcare imaging solution company Median Technologies (ALMDT:PA) reported revenues of EUR20.5m as of 31 December 2021.

This marks an improvement of 52% when compared to revenues in 2020.

The company generated EUR5.1m in revenue in the Q4 2021, a rise of 24.4% over the revenue of EUR4.1m in the Q4 2020.

In addition, the company's order backlog was EUR58m as of 31 December 2021, up by EUR6.3m from 31 December 2020 and EUR3,8m from 30 September 2021, respectively. The increase confirms the growth momentum recovery that began in the third quarter after several quarters impacted by the health crisis.

As of 31 December 2021, the company's cash and cash equivalents were EUR39m, a growth over EUR16m as of 31 December 2020.

For 2021, the company was selected as preferred vendor for one of the world's Top 3 pharmaceutical companies to implement this client's imaging strategy in clinical trials on key oncology indications. The company was inspected by the FDA at its location of Sophia Antipolis, France and participated in 4 NMPA inspections (Chinese authority regulating drugs and medical devices) on behalf of a several clients.



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